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Firearms have been a part of our lives since we were children. We are those people that remember grabbing the ‘ol cooey .22, a box of shells, and walking down the road to the field to do some gopher hunting.

We still have that old cooey, one of our favourite rifles. Getting into the military exposed us to all kinds of amazing firearms, the FN, SMG, C7, C8…. The whole military line-up, and of course the Leopard C1 tank, as a tank gunner.

That military experience is what really ignited our love for the tactical firearm. It becomes a part of you while you’re serving, and not having one around is like losing a buddy. We lived those firearms, and we know them intimately.


Part of that military service and firearms use also ignited a passion in the firearms of the military past. The surplus firearms of armies’ past. We love em, love their part in the world history, we own them, and very much wanted them a part of our business.



Our military time exposed Ryan and myself to a wide variety of tactical firearms and the use of them. From that, we understand them, their nuances, and their appeal. It instilled a passion for them, and you’ll find that in our store.



Long range (sniping) one of the top growing segments of the firearms sport. We have long been a students of the discipline, having done courses with Chris Kyle, multiple Luipold Academy courses alongside the likes of Jody Mitic. People that actually read and UNDERSTAND, books on ballistics. Ryan has gone to school at Leupold and has background as a Leupold warranty tech. Ryan more than understands it all, and more than that, he’s willing to discuss it with you.


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